This is a 100% real story that just happened, and we've got questions. Before we get to that, here's the scoop:

Recently, a library book that was checked out from the Boise Library all the way back in freaking 1910 was returned. The book in question? New Chronicles of Rebecca. What even is it (We had to Google it too)? It's a sequel to a book written in 1903 about a girl named, wait for it, Rebecca, who faces trials and tribulations in her young life.

Sounds riveting.

Anyway, this book was recently returned, and for any math fans out there, with a late fee of $0.02 cents per day, that adds up to a whopping $803 late fee! Luckily for the mysterious reader (whose name hasn't been released) the Boise Library no longer charges late fees. Lucky them.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Who checked this book out back in 1910? How many generations did this book get passed down before the next-next-next-next of kin (we're guessing) finally found it and returned it? Was it found behind some old boxes in the attic? Was it buried in the backyard next to the compost pile?

Would you return the book if you found it 39487320985723 years later? For this writer, I think I'd honestly be too afraid of late fees, jail time, and even a prison sentence. Leaving the country and never returning feels like a better option then having to explain to the sweet old librarian why you're walking in with a book older than President Jimmy Carter. He was born in 1924. We checked.

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