It's what every parent wants for their child in Idaho and across the country, an excellent education. The first question that new folks ask, whether buying a home in a new neighborhood or moving to a new state, is how good the schools are?  Local news eight shares a new report that lists the top twenty-five schools in the Gem State.  

The criteria for the rankings are based on several factors such as academics, grades, diversity, test scores, and other factors. Funding public education is a hot-button issue in Idaho. Over half of the state's general fund is spent on educating Idaho's students. Politicians from both political parties continue to struggle with an appropriate method of funding Idaho's schools.

Idaho schools traditionally have ranked near the bottom of national surveys. Governor Little promised to reform the education system, but his efforts have been derailed due to the Covid pandemic. Taxpayers worry that the state's antiquated system of funding schools via additional levies will drive them from their homes.  

The good news in the following report is that several areas of our state have high-ranking schools. Educators share that the smaller the teacher-to-student ratio is per classroom, the great the probability of student success. You'll notice in the upcoming report that most of the schools listed have smaller teacher-to-student ratios.  

Although we're halfway through the school year, it's never too soon to take an objective look at how your local high school performed or whether it made the list compiled below.    

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