Are you ready for Boise Music Festival? By that I you have your tickets? This summers hottest show is going to be at Expo Idaho and Pitbull is going to absolutely KILL IT on the main stage. Statistically speaking, this years festival is already shaping up to be the biggest EVER and it would be a shame if you weren't there...or had to pay to get in.

Listen, we tell you over and over: FREE BMF TICKETS. When we hit the streets with these things we WANT you to come and get them. There's no catch. There's no fine print.

BUT this is what drives me crazy!!! 


See above. "Hey everyone, buy these tickets that I didn't pay a dime for that that clearly say NO CASH VALUE".

Even more annoying? "Hey there, let me pay for those tickets that you didn't pay for and that clearly say NO CASH VALUE"

We give away HUNDREDS of free Boise Music Festival tickets a week and it bothers me so much when someone is making money off of people that should be getting free tickets.  You showed up to get them for free? Great. You have more than you will ever use for yourself? Cool. SHARE THEM.

Boise Music Festival is an event that WE here in Boise put on for OUR awesome community.

Please, people. Stop selling what you get for free.

Please, people. Stop giving money to people that never bought these tickets that I'd give you for free on the streets or on the air. I have a running list of where to find us for free tickets weekly, right here at


Now. I need a cold beer and some Pitbull. June 22nd can't come soon enough.


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