Don't worry, it's all in the name of art!

Clear as Mudd Films, Northwest Motion Pictures and Tetro Productions are all teaming up to film Pinewood, which they describe as a "neo-western." The movie will be filming in Idaho City from July 7th-9th, and will involve prop weapons. While you may hear gunfire, Idaho City PD insists there's no need for concern:


Our town has been chosen as a setting for some movie scenes. The weekend of July 7-9th you may see crews filming on Main St and throughout town. There are some scenes with prop weapons so don't be alarmed .

The filmmakers are looking for extras during filming. You can get more details on how to be a part of the production here.

Crowdfunding is currently taking place to make sure Pinewood sees the light of day. You can contribute here and help put Idaho City on the map when it comes to film making in the Gem State!

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