Hey there, did you know that it's illegal to buy, sell, possess and use cannabis in the state of Idaho? Well it is, it's super illegal.

But is that about to change here soon?

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As of the writing of this article (June, 2024) cannabis is still as illegal as it gets. Per Idaho.gov:

It is illegal for any person to manufacture, deliver, possess with intent to manufacture or deliver, or possess marijuana, which refers to all parts of the plants of the genus cannabis, including or any preparation of cannabis which contains tetrahydrocannabinol.

So, yep. You pretty much can't touch the stuff without risking getting in a lot of trouble in the Gem State.

But, will the laws be changing soon so cannabis is legalized in Idaho?

Most likely not. Just a few months ago, a new bill was introduced that would introduce a mandatory fine of $420 (we're not joking, that's the actual fine) for anyone caught possessing marijuana, and even prison time depending on how far you go with buying, selling, distributing, etc.

If you consider that bill, plus the fact that Idaho is still a conservative-leaning state with many residents not wanting the legalization of cannabis in Idaho, it may be a long, long time until we're able to blaze up the good stuff without worrying about getting thrown in the clink.


However, not all conservative states are following Idaho's lead. Even in Texas, some cities have decriminalized cannabis. Yes, we're serious:

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