Ahhhh Christmas. The family gathered around the fire, exchanging wonderful gifts and stories. Folk spreading holiday cheer by caroling door-to-door. Oh yeah, and terribly slippery roads and slide-off wrecks.

About that last part. Is that happening for Christmas 2021? Don't worry. We've got our elves on the case.

The National Weather Service Boise issued a winter weather advisory yesterday (Tuesday.) The good news is, it's only for the mountains. More specifically, folks in the Treasure Valley should expect up to 7 inches of snow on the mountains above 5,000 feet starting today (Wednesday) thru Friday (Christmas Eve.)

That's great for the mountains, but what about us little people down on the ground? Are we going to get snowed-in on Christmas?

Not so much, says National Weather Service Boise meteorologist Stephen Parker:

We’re not expecting heavy snow in the next few days in the valley, but we have some hope for a white Christmas.

Light snow doesn't mean light temperatures. Next week, the forecast tells us that we'll be in the 30's for most of next week, with temperatures at night falling even lower. Meaning, if we have snow on the ground Christmas Eve, it's most likely going to stick around for a few more days.

If reading this is giving you anxiety about driving in the snow, worry not! Just last week we covered how to get way better control in the snow with the vehicle you already own. And it's much, much cheaper than going out and purchasing an entirely new car or truck.

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