You heard right.

In exactly 137 days, Ludacris will headline this year's Boise Music Festival, and trust when we say the guy puts on a hell of a show.

His energy is top-notch, his DJ and band are amazing, and Luda has been known to bring out guests with him to perform unannounced.

If that's the case, who could we expect to see show up last minute at BMF? We have some ideas.

Jermaine Dupri

Yes, this is super old school, but how cool would it be for Ludacris to bust this one out whille Jermaine Dupri randomly shows up? We're here for it.



In the early 2000's, Ludacris and Shawnna had 128 songs together. Google it. It's true.



Whoa. Ok the possiblities of this happening are pretty slim, but could you imagine? This is the music we need in 2023, so maybe the boys will team up again at BMF.


Nicki Minaj

With Super Freaky Girl getting played all the time on 103.5 Kiss FM, it'd make sense for Nicki to pop up and perform a song or two with Luda, right?

Fingers crossed.


Blizzard Man

Many people forget that before he made it as an artist in hip-hop, Ludacris spent time behind the board producing for other artists. Most notably, the off-the-wall but still underrated rapper Blizzard Man.

We're calling it now. If Blizzard Man shows up on the BMF stage, we're just going to die. That's it.


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