Does your weekday lunch leave much to be desired? If you're not a fan of leftovers or grabbing whatever's available in your office breakroom, 103.5 KISS FM and our friends at Coned are here to help!

We want to upgrade YOUR weekday lunch. Simply share a photo of your blah lunch below! We'll review submissions at lunchtime throughout the week. If your lunch is chosen, we'll upgrade your lunch option by giving you a $20 gift card to Coned that you can spend on their coned pizzas, salads, drinks, ice cream and more!

Coned is located on Overland in Meridian and they're all about upgrading lunches! Not only are they a locally-owned business, but they support other local businesses as well! Their cheese is manufactured locally and if you have a sweet tooth, their ice cream cones are filled with ingredients from our friends at The STIL.

Friends don't let friends have boring lunches. Submit your entry below. Good luck!

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