Summer of 2019 is literally flying by and maybe you can relate to this-- but I feel like I have done absolutely nothing summer-like all year. No trips, no vacations, no floating the river and no camping. I have been SO buy working, I'm not even realizing that summer is quickly passing me by. If you're a parent, odds are you're experiencing this even double, as you make sure EVERYTHING is accounted for.

With this summer slowing winding down (and if you can believe it, the days are indeed getting shorter), it's never too early to say "I'm going to do SO much better next summer". That's where we come in-- we're here to help.

A handful of lucky winners this summer have splashed into Roaring Springs thanks to 103.5 KISS FM -- the ultimate summer destination here in the Treasure Valley.  Now, not only are we gearing you up into some fun this summer but we're giving ONE LUCKY WINNER a pair of SEASON PASSES for Roaring Springs, next summer. Imagine already having those plans locked in place! No missing out next summer, am I right?

Listen all this week on your morning drive with Keke + Kat and on your drive home with me, from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. to get yourself in to one of this (and next) summer's hottest tickets!

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