Here it is, my annual Public Service Announcement. I'm letting you know all of this information because every year, hundreds of music loving, almost-concert goers, blow up my inbox to complain. Now I get it...being an almost-concert goer is frustrating and I'd never want to be one...but that's why I'm writing this: so you aren't one.

Here's the scoop, Treasure Valley. An "almost-concert-goer" is someone that has won Boise Music Festival tickets and can't get into the show. The reasons are many, but here are the most common:

  • You won tickets on the air and never came to our studios to pick them up.
  • You won a ticket voucher from us on the streets but never came to our studios to trade that in for real tickets.

Let's start from the top: you won tickets and didn't come get them. As a ticket winner, this is of the utmost importance. Our front desk staff works tirelessly to sort and organize YOUR names in order to make sure when you arrive, your tickets are ready to roll.  I get get busy, life is busy, and we sometimes forget things. Here's the deal: there's no big list of winners at a venue as large as Expo Idaho. The kind people who are taking your tickets will NOT let you in, no matter how many times you say that you "won tickets on the radio"'s not they're job to sort that out and they don't have the power to let you in.


Onto the next scenario: you won a ticket voucher but haven't come by our studio to turn it in for real tickets.  You'll know you have a ticket voucher because on the front of it, it says: "TICKET VOUCHER".  These will NOT get you into Boise Music Festival gates. Our kind ticket taking folks have no clue how to identify real vouchers from fake ones. It's on YOU to come pick up the real ones.


All of this said: they're in. We have real, physical, printed tickets to Boise Music Festival that many of you have been waiting for. Now it's time to come get them!

Our offices are located at 827 E. Park Boulevard, Boise Idaho. We're open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. We are closed on weekends.

Having a hard time grabbing them? You work, we get it. Call our awesome front desk at: (208) 344-6363. If we can verify you've got tickets to pick up, we can arrange to allow someone to grab them FOR you!

Boise Music Festival is JUST around the corner and I would MUCH rather see you enjoying the show, than mad at the entry gates!


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