A huge shout out goes to EVERYONE that came out over the weekend to grab some free Boise Music Festival tickets!  I know that each of our stops were successful, meaning that so many more of you will be making it into this summers biggest concert totally free.

With the three day weekend underway, hopefully you're able to catch a break from work on Moday, May 27th for Memorial Day. If you are, upgrade that luxury by getting YOUR Boise Music Festival tickets for free, too!

It happens every single year and I am always shocked at how many of you just never learn...catch us with tickets EARLY because as the show gets closer and closer, everyone starts coming out of the woodwork asking for these things. Secure yours and don't worry any longer!  Just know you're going!

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve? Seeing FREE tickets get SOLD on Facebook Marketplace. Please, people. Don't be buying other people's FREE tickets. Oh, and shameless lecture here: if you're one of the people tracking me down for free tickets to sell: NOT ANYMORE, PLAYER! I'm paying attention :)

I digress.

Monday, May 27th--Memorial Day--join us at Bronco Motors Hyundai at 9250 Fairview Avenue in Boise for your FREE tickets! We'll be there from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

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