It has been celebrated since the late 17th century. The old Irish tradition of drinking green beer and celebrating St Patrick's day is upon us, and there's one place in the Treasure Valley that's offering up something green that no other place has got. That would be cash! Bring your lucky numbers to Varsity Pub located at 1441 N Eagle Rd in Meridian. If you can crack the code to our safe, you win the cash inside. That's 10,350 dollars to be exact.

Credit: peterotoole,Thinkstock
Credit: peterotoole,Thinkstock

Think of all the green stuff you can buy with that much cash. A down payment on a new green SUV or a lifetimes worth of green manicured nails. Bring your 5 luck number down to the party, crack the code and win the gold.


Varsity Pub will also have as much green ($2) beer and $3.50 Irish Flags as you can drink. As well as Irish Pizza (I'm just as curious as you). St Patrick's Day (for obvious reasons) is one of my favorite holidays and I'm excited to celebrate it this year at Varsity Pub!

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