Every engagement should be special.  Now is where we let you decide who gets that Perfect Proposal from 103.5 KISS-FM and Lee Read Diamonds.

The Perfect Proposal includes:

  • The Perfect Ring
    • A. Jaffe Solitaire Ring with a hidden diamond detail paired with an A. Jaffe diamond band.
    • The center stone is a 1.5 carat Fire & Ice Diamond.
  • The Perfect Setting
    • Make your proposal in front of a hot air balloon at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Night Glow on Friday September 3, 2021.


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Perfect Proposal

103.5 Kiss FM and Lee Read Diamonds present the Perfect Proposal! Read the full stories here:
  • Alaura S.

    Make our whole lives.

    We are trying to bounce back after another cancer scare.

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  • Alec C.

    Together since 7th grade

    Her birthday, love of the balloons and marriage our next life step!

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  • Andrea G.

    7 years together

    My mom told me: take a chance so I did. Here we are today still together.

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  • Andrew S.

    Gave it all to get us here

    This incredible opportunity of an amazing ring & proposal is life changing

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  • Austin S.

    It's her turn

    She's the greatest mother & deserves the opportunity & I want to give it

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  • Bailey C.

    Little bit of happiness

    Everything on our check list is being marked off other than being married.

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  • Brandon G.

    5 years together

    I would love to spoil her before our little one arrives

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  • Caleb S.

    Finally moving in together

    my girlfriend came into my life i felt like the real winner for once

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  • Christina M.

    Guys are suppose to...

    Three years together and it'll be fun to throw him for a loop

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  • Clint P.

    I love Emily & her son

    I love all we have together…but it’s not enough. I want to make it official.

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  • Cole L.

    Our Story started in the 2nd grade!

    She deserves more than I could give her, she is my rock!

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  • Cruz G.

    I got a second chance when we had our son

    I'm fixing my self not only for my son but for my future wife my soulmate

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  • Deaunte E.

    My wife has been through it.

    She beat breast cancer 6 mths ago, now we are expecting a little one

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  • Deney R.

    I didn’t ask her proper

    My wife is nothing short of amazing: an amazing mom, wife, best friend

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  • Gabriella S.

    We want to be together and happy

    She fights for me daily & makes my day knowing I get to crawl home to her

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  • Heather R.

    Proud of these two

    They love each other so much, and continue to work together to be stronger

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  • Jenny B.

    Get married and build a family. ❤

    my ex-boyfriend 8yrs ago - After 2yrs we found ourselves that there still something between us

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  • Johnathan A.

    I know that sounds cliché

    Talked about getting engaged many times before, but money has always been on the forefront of our minds

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  • Joshua G.

    To the moon, and more everyday.

    I know she'd accept my proposal with a piece of string tied in a circle, but she deserves so much more.

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  • Joshua V.

    Plan to propose...

    With the bouts of bad luck we’ve been in lately, if I were to propose within this century it would be on a beer budget

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  • Malori P.

    Look at this beautiful Family!!

    Dirk deserves to marry such a beautiful, intelligent, headstrong girl like me. We have four beautiful kids between us

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  • Matthew G.

    Our long distance relationship

    To finish the reason why I would love to win is because she is PERFECT, I believe that we're MEANT TO BE, I don't want to meet her in THE MIDDLE, all I want is for her to STAY.

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  • Nicole C.

    A man is not a plan

    This ring would signify my ability to pick myself. I am the prize. I deserve nice things, and if someone won’t get them for me, then I will get them myself.

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  • Nora M.

    Preparing and saving for our baby

    Without telling my husband, because I know he wouldn't have let me, I sold my ring so we could pay our current bills. Since then, my husband has been trying to save to buy me another.

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  • Phuong L.

    He demonstrates his love

    He sparked hope, fanned flames of joy, and constantly works to keep my happiness ablaze. What better symbolizes him than a Fire and Ice diamond? I am grateful for the opportunity to help give back to a man who has pulled me out of a very dark place and given me purpose

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  • Rajesh B.

    I know the most amazing woman

    I have known the most amazing woman in the world for the last 10 years and married to her for 6 years. You may say, why do I need a perfect proposal when I am already married! I do not have a sob story

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  • Riley B.

    Together since our Sophomore year

    It would be so amazing to win this Perfect Proposal contest for my girlfriend & hopefully very soon to be fiancé! We have been together since our Sophomore year of High school so 8 years now… (I know)

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  • Robert E.

    Never in a life time would I...

    Well let's begin by saying i was just released from prison and I have not been on a date or been in a relationship for a very long time so when I was released I got on the dating app. Pof. Never in a life time would I have ever thought I'd meet the woman of my dreams. No b.s. when we finally meet face to face our first date was to the gynecologist. Yeah she had a doctors appointment and I was all about it. She was so embarrassed but I wasnt..my future wife is name is janice she's a amazing woman who's had hard times in her life same as me but im excited to marry her. She definitely the one. Well if you believe in true love this is a as real as it gets. Hope you find this love story interesting. We both are hard workers but its really hard to afford the perfect engagement ring for the perfect woman. Thank you for your consideration. But really who thought they could find love on plenty of fish.

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  • Steven P.

    Almost 3 years together

    I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years and would like to take the next step toward our future! Hot air balloons have a sentimental meaning to her relating to her mother, she lost suddenly in 2016. It would mean the world to me to make this happen for her! Sincerely, Steven P.

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  • Sullivan W.

    She is truly the best

    Well July of 2020 I was in love with this girl named Mikaela. Everything was going great and I ended up proposing to her in the beginning of January 2021. December of 2020 I was working as a UPS delivery driver helper as a temporary job until I found something else. Shortly after I proposed to her I got a security job. At this new job I would work 11 pm to 7 am 5 days a week. At this job we always had 1 EMT on duty at the location. 3 of those 5 days I would be on shift with this girl named Emma. Emma and I became best friends very quickly. Shortly after I started working at this new job I found out Mikaela was pregnant and I was so happy as I've always wanted to be a father. About 3 weeks into this new job my entire life fell apart as this guy named Kevin texted me and explained to me that he and Mikaela had been dating the entire time me and her where together and that the child was not mine. My world was destroyed but luckily I had my Best friend Emma. She helped me through the breakup and was always there for me. About 2 weeks after that happened me and Emma started dating. She is truly the best person in the world. She has shown me what true love is and has always been there for me ever since we met. When me and Emma started dating the companies we worked for (we both worked for separate companies just at the same location as our employers where contracted in for this location) found out that we where dating and we both got fired. Emma has an amazing little boy and I would love to marry this amazing girl and adopt her adorable son. She has been gone the past three months at basic training and AIT for the Idaho Army National Guard. She will be back October 14th. Our 6 month anniversary is on August 21st and we have already talked about getting married. I started a job at Hertz car rental About 2 months ago and have been trying to save up enough money for a ring bit life keeps getting in the way. I plan to propose to her shortly after she returns home as we are both expected to deploy next year (I have been in the idaho army national guard since November of 2019). I really love this girl! I don't know where I would be today without her in my life. I don't regret falling in love with Mikaela because without her I would not have gotten that security job and I would have never met the most amazing girl in the world!

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  • Travis S.

    Married 10 years, 4 kids

    My wife and I have been married 10 years,and have 4 kids,we have never been able to save enough to have a wedding or do something for a proposal,due to kids and always putting them first,my wife is the sweetest kindest woman anyone will ever meet,she puts others above her,and i know I don't deserve her,but I thank God everyday for putting her in my path.without her I'd be in a downward spiral or probably dead,she means everything to me.please it would just be nice to give her a special day dedicated only to her,she deserves the world! And I want her to see and really know how special she really is to me. Wether we are picked or not I'll make it my life's mission to give her all my love,and everything I can to repay her for all the love and joy she has brought me and my family ,and those around her. Thank you guys and we love your show. God bless. Travis S.

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  • Tyler M.

    Picture does us no justice.

    This picture does us no justice. I have found love. A love I never thought I’d find. Ruth and I have worked through so much, and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Her son has become my own, and her family is now mine as well. I would love to make it something spectacular and show her how much she means to me. She is my spirit, and I wish to see that blossom even further with the perfect set with the help of another spirit, the ‘Spirit of Boise.’

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  • Xerey G.

    Plan a perfect day

    I have been trying to plain a perfect day for the Occasion but life has got in the way and if I cant do it soon my dad will most likely not be with us he is very sick. We have been to get her for over two years I love her more than anything and I jest hope both my parents can see the two of us get are life’s going together

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  • Zetta F.

  • John D.