Think about the last time you bought tickets to a concert or better yet won them on the radio? Remember waiting with anticipation for the day of the show? Remember planning your outfit? How about the pre-game planning? Do you miss concerts as much as I do? The roar of the crowd when the lights go dark and the music hits followed by the headliner suddenly appearing on stage... What a magical moment! I can't wait to be able to experience that and if you feel the same way about live music then you will appreciate this. KISS-FM is gonna get you into your first mid COVID live music performance.

Billie Eilish is scheduled to perform October 24th for the "Where Do We Go?" livestream and we want to make sure you experience it in the comfort of your own home or wherever and with whomever you prefer to watch it. Throw a viewing party, watch it in you room by yourself, play it on the inflatable screen via your projector in the backyard or turn it into a socially distanced block party. We just want you to have fun and that's why we're making it easy for you to win. All you have to do is enter below starting Monday the 13th. Give us your name, email and phone number so we can get ahold of you if you win. The contest will run through the October 19th. We will pick a total of 4 winners. Each winner will be granted entry to the livestream. Good luck and thanks for listening.

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