It seems like 2020 was forever ago but no matter how far in ancient history that was I'm still bitter about how many concerts and events I missed out on. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think a lot of us feel this way so now that the pandemic is somewhat behind us it would be a shame if we slipped back into that dark hole called quarantine. I can't imagine missing another concert and I definitely can't imagine missing out on the Western Idaho fair.

As a teenager and even into my twenties the fair was always something I looked forward too. The giant turkey legs, the huge cotton candy and of course the deep fried Twinkies. I swear I would eat a months worth of calories in one visit to the fair. Fun fact the first real radio job I got was because I met a radio personality at the fair. Obviously I have a special place in my heart for the fair so the big question in my mind is... with COVID cases increasing will the fair be cancelled again?

“Based on input from the Ada County Board of Commissioners, Western Idaho Fair will take place in 2021," said Bob Batista, fair director in an interview with Idaho news. "People have a personal choice to attend the fair. People should not attend the fair if they are sick. Western Idaho Fair will have resources onsite including hand washing and sanitizing stations and masks available for anyone who wishes to wear one. "

It's important to note that masks will not be required. Congrats and party on, the Western Idaho Fair is happening  August 20th-29th.

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