It was HUGE last summer and I remember it well--Wizard World Comic-Con at the Grove! William Shatner was just one of the major names that was on the ticket for this huge gathering of comic con goers. We here at 103.5 KISS FM were all super excited to have it and we ever posted up with our friends at Lucky Fins inside the Grove to give away all sort of swag and hangout with the huge crowd that was going in and out of Wizard World. It was at the end of the event that organizers told us--YES, we're DEFINITELY coming back to Boise next year.

Unfortunately, it's not.

It has nothing to do with us, Boise--there's just a massive scheduling conflict. The event, which was scheduled for the middle of July, happened to be on the same days as an international comic con in San Diego, which just happens to be one of the worlds largest events. That said, organizers felt there was no way to get Boise's Wizard World set up for success.

With no plans to re-schedule later in the summer, this means there's not a massive comic con event happening this summer in Boise. Obviously, this is less than ideal.  Hopefully, something will be back to town in 2020!

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