When I moved to the Treasure Valley, the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial was one of the first landmarks I learned.  But once I walked through it, I realized it was so much more than just a stop along the Boise Green Belt.

If you've never been through the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial just past Julia Davis Park, you're missing one of the most inspirational places in the city.  In addition to a beautiful statue of Anne, a bronze replica of her iconic diary and stone bookcase to represent the one that hid the Frank family's hiding place, one of the highlights of the memorial is the 180 foot Quote Wall that's covered in the words of everyone from presidents and slaves, to poets, to children...both famous and fairly unknown.  Another wall holds the names of all the major donors that helped make the memorial possible.

Sadly, this beautiful Treasure Valley tribute to Anne Frank was vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti several times this week. There's an ongoing investigation to find out who's responsible for damage.  It's estimated that the vandals caused over $20,000 in damage to the memorial.

According to KTVB, one Boise woman sprung into action when she heard how much it was going to cost.  Dena Gray, a Christian woman who wants to stand up against the attack on Boise's Jewish community and human rights in general, tells the news outlet that she had the money available and wanted to spend it to restore the memorial to it's original beauty.  She donated the entire $20,000 repair bill.

Meanwhile Boise Police are investigating the vandalism as a possible hate crime.

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