A woman's sleep was rudely interrupted after she was woken up by the sound of a lawnmower blasting outside her window in the middle of the night.

On Reddit, the frustrated — and very tired — woman shared her "neighbors from hell" recently woke her up at nearly 3AM when they decided to mow their lawn.

"It's 2:45 am where I live, and my neighbor is mowing his yard," she wrote via Reddit.

"Hoodie over his head. Shorts on. Just mowing away. There must be a storm coming in a few hours, right? Maybe the kid didn't do his chores?" she joked, attempting to rationalize the bizarre behavior.

"At least the grass will look fresh," she quipped, before sharing how she really felt about losing sleep on the "only day" she typically gets to sleep late.

"F--k that, though, you just woke me up. On my only day to sleep in, nonetheless. Thank you, William. Who the hell mows a yard at nearly 3 in the morning?" the woman concluded her reasonable rant.

In the comments section, users expressed their shock at the strange and not-so-neighborly behavior.

"A neighbor who is about to have one less mower. I'd call the cops for a noise complaint," one person wrote.

"Sounds like the start of a Stephen King novel," another joked.

Another tried to offer an explanation, suggesting that maybe it was a one-off occurrence. "Guy probably had some s--t he had to work off," they commented.

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