Some people just have KrAZaY running through their veins.  What gets them there?  I don't know but 33-year-old Camilla Rose Jones just lost it and it's probably a good thing for her, and for the rest of us that she's currently sitting in the Ada County Jail.

On Sunday Jones threatened a relative with a bomb.  As crazy as that sounds, family issues sometimes escalate and people tend to lose it.  Do I think Jones was going to blow up her family member because she was upset?  NO!  But it still warranted officers checking her out to see what happened and to make sure things were o.k.  The problem was officers couldn't find her.  They couldn't find her until she absolutely LOST IT and went on some weird crime spree that nobody can make sense of.

According to KTVB, it was Monday morning when Jones walked into a bank at the 100 block of Cherry Lane in Meridian and asked the teller to look up her account.  The problem was... Jones didn't have an account there.  The teller was as nice as could be and finally had to break the news to Jones that she was not a member of that establishment.  Jones fired back saying she was going to blow the whole bank up along with everyone in it.  Then Jones took off.  You'd think she'd maybe go home or hide somewhere and figure things out but OH NO.  Jones went to another bank.  This one was in the 1600 block of North Main Street in Meridian and she did the exact same thing.

The Meridian Police Department finally found Jones about 1:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon, sitting in a stolen car with road flares she was putting together to make it look like some kind of bomb you'd see in the movies.  Jones would not exit the vehicle when asked by police but was quickly subdued and booked into the Ada County Jail.  She'll appear in court later today.

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