Seriously, what's not to love about Boise!? We get all four seasons, the people are kind (for the most part), and we're close to a little bit of everything.

When a celebrity rolls through town, most folks are surprised to see it but anymore, it's becoming commonplace.

At this point, we really shouldn't be surprised at the amount of celebrities that hang out in Idaho... 

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

There is just so much to do in Idaho--how can we be shocked?

While scrolling through Instagram, we discovered that a world famous DJ and producer, Flume, was actually roaming around town just last night--Thursday, September 15th.

With a Friday night concert here in Boise, Flume got to town a day early and obviously needed to explore. Maybe he has heard that everyone is moving here and wanted to see what all of the hype is about? After all, there are some multi-million dollar homes in the area that we know Flume could afford!

So how did he spend his time? According to was all about Claire's. Yes, Claire's at the mall... 

Flume Visits Boise Before Outdoor Concert

What does one of the world's best DJ's and producers do while in Boise? He visits Claire's, obviously--for his first piercing.

Should every celebrity that visits Boise now visit the Claire's that poked a hole in Flume? Only time will tell--maybe the should set up a celebrity autograph wall!?

Flume is set to preform, and show off that new piercing, Friday night at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.

Oh, the list goes on and on...Idaho, we love you and apparently so does Hollywood! 

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