For the last three years, Boise has hosted one of the largest skateboarding and BMX biking events in the nation-- the ESPN X Games!  I remember when the initial announcement was made, citing that an ESPN official organically spotted how nice Boise and the downtown, 1.55 Million dollar Rhodes Skate Park was. From that moment spawned the idea of having Boise, Idaho and our own Rhodes Skate Park host the qualifier for the national X Games.

Now, with three years under our belt as the host-- it has been announced this will no longer be the case.

An event this size isn't easy to put on and that is the main reason the City of Boise has decided it's time to let another skate park host this event. The two day event, according to the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, can take up to nine months of planning and it has even required them to hire a full time position just to manage it year-round. The event always fell between Boise Music Festival and Boise Pride Festival-- both events that the city didn't manage personally but that certainly add to the bustle of the community during those two weeks.

How do you feel about the departure of this event from the City of Boise? Officials say they're interested in bringing some other ESPN specials here, but no word on what those are.


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