They're known for crafts and decorations and frames galore, but this one item has sparked a divisive debate on social media.

KTVB reports that last week, a woman named Daniell Rider posted a picture on Facebook of a product she ran across at a Hobby Lobby store in Killeen, Texas. The photograph features a decoration appearing to be raw cotton, which she immediately called for Hobby Lobby to remove from its shelves.



Since she posted, Daniell's photo on Facebook has been shared over 15,000 times, and over 16,000 people have commented with their opinions. Everything from "Get over it" to "This is the problem with today's society" type comments. Offensive or not, it's certainly got people riled up.

If you're not offended, and actually like the appearance of the decorative item, you can grab it at Hobby Lobby in Meridian.


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