What is Sylvester Stallone doing right now? He might be shopping for a new vehicle. As you might of noticed I’m a bit of a car guy. I recently had a car collection that consisted of nine vehicles but decided to thin the heard and get down to my top 5. I love different cars for different reasons and apparently so does Sylvester Stallone. Currently Sylvester is selling a custom made Cadillac SUV. It’s an Escalade to be exact but it’s not just any Escalade. This particular SUV was built by Becker automotive design and cost Stallone $409,000. What does four hundred thousand dollars buy these days? Let’s start with an “ interior that would make a first airline passenger jealous” Additionally Fox News says “The five-seat cabin includes two recliners, folding tables made from Japanese ash, a bar, a 43-inch TV and “military spec” wireless Internet. BTW it’s a 2019 that is lightly used, and by lightly I mean it’s only been driven a mere 1000 miles. Interested? It can be yours for only $350,000.

Pictures compliments of Becker Automotive Design

Stallone Escalde 2




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