There's just something magical about coming across some money that you weren't expecting. Opening up a Christmas card with some cash? Even better: throwing on a pair of pants or a jacket that you haven't worn in a while and finding a few bills!? Yeah--we all get a little excited over money.

Do we get excited about taxes? Nope, we sure don't...unless again, maybe if there was some money involved?

According to Idaho's News Channel 7, the IRS says Idahoans (thousands of us, by the way) are owed more than $5.2 million.  That's right, there's money sitting around just waiting to be claimed and some of it could be yours.

It's estimated that more than 5,200 people in Idaho did not file their federal income tax returns for the year 2015. Listen, I get it, doing taxes is the WORST. Number crunching, recalling what you spent and what you made--making sure you don't mess up all of the little boxes!? It's not the easiest. However if you're owed money in form of a refund...think of it as a chore. I'll do some math for some money, that's for sure.

Because money owed to Idahoans is from the tax year 2015, that amount owed is due to expire eventually--that date is real soon, too. On April 15th of this year, all of that money gets handed over to the federal government--NOT your checking account.

If you didn't file in 2015...just get it over with (and claim that money)!

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