We told you recently that filming the total solar eclipse can damage or even destroy your phone or camera.

Wait until you hear what it can do to your eyes.

According to the Boise State Physics Department, staring directly into the eclipse could damage your site, or even worse, make you go blind. According to physics professor Brian Jackson, you're going to want to prepare yourself to properly observe the total solar eclipse:

Looking at the sun can be quite dangerous. You can damage your retina permanently or even make yourself blind, especially if you use a telescope or binoculars. You do not want to look directly at the sun, even during an eclipse. The danger of looking at an eclipse is that you can be looking at the sun, damaging your retinas and not actually feel any pain.

The solution? Eclipse shades. Yes they're a real thing, and they'll allow you to look right at the eclipse without risking damage to your sight. Luckily, you've got time to buy some, and they are easy to find online. Be prepared before the once-in-a-lifetime site!



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