It looks like your pup might be costing you more very soon if you plan to visit Meridian. In the wake of the recent announcements of paid parental leave policies for city employees, the city is proposing to raise fines for pups off leashes. You didn't think that paid leave didn't come at a price did ya?

Meridian city council is considering raising rates if you dog is caught off the leash in public. Currently, those fines are $25 for the first offense and that's when things go up.

Right now if you're dog is busted for playing around public off the leash that first fine of $25 will change according to a new proposition. Currently, each time you get caught those fines will go up to $25 and up to $100 for that third time.

  • Fine One: $25
  • Fine Two: $50
  • Fine Three: $100

If you just plain don't follow the law you won't mind paying for these fines. I mean who is really getting caught three separate times for walking without a leash. Plus, the anxiety of your dad getting into trouble or in a fight with another dog 🐶I have a weenie dog and he doesn't wanna fight but is ready to run up to sniff away. I swear that dude is always on a leash because other pups don't take to kindly to the little weenie man rolling up like that.

Here's what the new law could look like if passed.

  • First One: $100
  • Second One: $200
  • Third One: $300

I've been around situations where a dog has snapped and caught a woman right in the face. I would keep them on a leash not because they are dangerous but you can't trust other people. Rock that leash for your pup!

 We'll find out more next week and we'll keep you posted. I've found that the Idaho Press does a great job on these stories and keeping you in the loop. You can also find more at the city of Meridian's set too.

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