Hit an animal with your car, then you eat it. It's happening way more than you think in the Gem State.

To answer your question, yes it is legal to salvage and eat roadkill in Idaho. As long as they're one of the 50 species Idaho allows for. No eating endangered species, for obvious reasons. If this sounds like a new thing, know that the law allowing eating roadkill was passed over half a decade ago.

In addition to consuming hundreds of deer and elk, Idahoans have also been snacking on:

  • 419 moose
  • 55 bears
  • 51 turkeys
  • 39 beavers

If you live in Oregon and feeling left out, fear not. Oregon will be passing a similar salvage law in 2019.

Why do these laws even exist? Experts say they help keep carcasses off roadways, which can aid in keeping vultures and other wild birds away from roadways. There are a few rules in place...you can't just pick up random dead animals on the side of the road and put them in your George Foreman grill. More info on procedures and laws can be found here.

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