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It's Summertime Boise 🌞I think of Boise Music Festival, Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic (coming up soon), floating the river, longboards, scooters, cruisers, and lemonade stands 🍋

I'll be honest and say that lemonade stands would never have made that list if I wasn't a dad. These are the things you learn as you are in the beginning stages of fatherhood like myself. Lemonade stands are a real thing as long as it's not outlawed!

If you're currently operating a lemonade stand in Idaho you're breaking the law. Yes, YOU FILTHY CRIMINAL 🚔I heard about this and did some daddy Dj investigating 🕵️‍♂️It looks like most states make you get one of several permits to operate a lemonade stand and in California, you could pay upwards to $1,000.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I've been living in Boise for the last 12 years and extremely proud to call this great state my home. I've spent money hours talking to law enforcement over the years and have the most respect for them. I would be shocked to see an officer bust some 5-year-old and shut their lemonade stand because they don't have proper permits. There's a better chance that a mom will blow up my Instagram after she sees my son with earrings on before the police stake-out lemonade stands (oh, my son has magnet earrings to that lasted all of 5 minutes till he lost the magnets. I'm sure at least one mom will rage thinking it was real. Let the fun begin!)

The only reason I'm writing this is that my wife recently built our son a lemonade stand. Lennox is loving this and taking so much pride. He's excited because the money is going to the children's hospital. He absolutely loves it! The problem is we don't have a permit and those fees could add up if the law wanted to shut it down. You laugh but this is happening enough that Country Time Lemonade has come to little boys and girls across the nation.

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The executives at Country Time Lemonade is offering to pay upwards to $300 in fines to help your lemonade stand remain open. Each state is different and some require a peddler's license, operators permit and then some. Again, this is a true story.

If you've been shutdown don't worry. Contact Country Time Lemonade and they vow to cover your expenses and what a clever marketing campaign 👏I'll attach the video from the popular lemonade company that includes to details to report. Until then I say break the law baby! It's a friggin' lemonade stand and who wants to be the person that shuts down little kids stands. Social media would have a hating frenzy with that one.

I've attached the video and photos from my son's little lemonade stand. It's pretty cute.

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