It seems to me that there is a "National Day" or "National Month" for just about everything. I'm not sure if these are made up or if there is an office someplace in an important building of really important people that actually decides which of these are legitimate or not. Regardless, it recently came to my attention that March (how is it already March, by the way?) is National Nutrition Month and what better reason to pay attention to what we put in our bodies over the next 30-days?

Nutrition can be overwhelming sometimes. What is the old saying? Abs are cooked in the kitchen?  So much of what we try to achieve surrounding our own health actually relies on our nutrition. What are you doing about yours?

That isn't a passive aggressive question--I think we could all do better. How about seeking some help the way that I did, via Kvell Fitness & Nutrition in downtown Boise.

We talk about the team at Kvell around the radio station often-- many of us workout at the gym downtown and we love that it is locally owned. For an entire group of us here at the radio station, Kvell, in a way, changed our lives and our outlooks on healthy routines in general.

Brett at Kvell does it all and I can personally speak to the amazing nutrition program they have in place.  How about taking that step in the right direction during National Nutrition Month?

Brett and his team were able to build a personalized meal plan just for me and my goals. An entire guide that was easy to follow along with and there is NO need to go down the Google rabbit hole which can so often just be overwhelming. Kvell also has some really great programs that are right on your phone-- reminders, check-in opportunities, and accountability systems.

Love your gym but looking for a nutrition upgrade? Kvell can help you.

Need to upgrade your gym AND your nutrition? It's in their name--Kvell can help you!

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