Vintage and antique license plates are some of the most popular collector's items. People like to collect them for all sorts of reasons especially if they're extremely rare.

Idaho license plates were first issued by the state beginning in 1913. Since then, the Gem State has seen a variety of different license plates and designs throughout the years. The rarest of all Idaho plates are from the years 1928, 1947, and 1948. They're reportedly so rare that few are ever seen in public. For this reason, they can sell for hundreds of dollars online!

Today, you'll see all sorts of different Idaho license plate designs and styles. The standard Idaho plate has "Famous Potatoes" written across the bottom. This design first appeared in 1957. Even this has been resigned from what was once just the word POTATO which first appeared in 1928.

The 1928 potato Idaho license plate was the most popular issue in the United States. It featured the image of a potato on its side with the numbers and county codes embossed across it.  Today it is among one of the rarest Idaho license plates out there. You can find 1928 license plates selling on eBay for a whopping $300! 

The 1947 Idaho license plate is also considered a rarity and has "VACATION WONDERLAND" with the image of skiers embossed on it. One of these recently sold for $475! 

Just one year later in 1948, Idaho soon began issuing license plates with "WORLD FAMOUS POTATOES" stamped across the bottom. These plates also include the image of a potato which was placed between the county code and license plate number. A couple of these are selling on eBay right now for around $140

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