Texting and driving? Yeah, that probably isn't the smartest idea and now, Boise could be the next city to REALLY crack down on device usage in the car.

At the turn of the new year just a month ago, the City of Meridian became the first in the Treasure Valley to go completely "hands free" with their device laws. If you are within Meridian city limits, touching your phone while operating a motor vehicle is illegal and the police force out there is making sure to enforce the law keeping the roads safer. Now, the City of Boise has announced they would like to do the same and be the next city in our area to go hands-free on the roads.

Since announcing the initiative, high-profile city council members and police officials have been very vocal, explaining that this IS a smart idea for the city. Topics like this usually spark heated debates on social media yet as I have scanned through various posts throughout the last month or more, it seems that the vast majority of folks really do think this is a smart move. We all know being on the phone in the car isn't safe...sometimes, we're all guilty of it.

The City of Boise, in moving forward with this initiative, has announced that there will be a public hearing surrounding the proposed ordinance. This will be happening on Tuesday in the City Council Chambers at Boise City Hall at 6:00 p.m.

Have a strong opinion about all of this? YOUR voice matters-- take advantage of that!

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