As summertime winds down, we start to look at all the things we had planned heading into the hot months ahead and wonder how we can get it all done before fall. Grab your girlfriends and join us on a party bus to Cactus Pete's in Jackpot for the final pool party of the season. 

You and a friend can hop on a party bus to Jackpot, NV with Cruise & Box, Michelle Heart, Kekeluv and Mateo. We want to close out the summer right but won't do it without you.

The trip is for you and a guest to be chauffered to Cactus Pete's, one night stay and food and match play game vouchers. The trip is a total of $103. Yep, that includes both of you.

We will leave Boise on Friday, August 26 at 2pm and head to the pool at Cactus Pete's where you can play blackjack poolside, enjoy food and drinks at the cabana bar and dance (or swim) where a live DJ will be playing all night.

On Saturday, August 27, you'll wake up, grab some breakfast, rehydrade and pop some antacids then get on the bus to return to Boise by 3pm.


The only stipulation is that all guests on the trip must be 21 or older.

Shall we pack our suits? Let's go!

Oh, but wait. You could get this trip for free. If you want to ensure a spot on the bus for you and a friend, buying a ticket is the smartest option. If you want to chance it or are on a really tight budget (which is us, too), give it a try and see if you win!

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