The Idaho Caucus has officially been called, "Largest Caucus in U.S. History."  The streets were lined with fans of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  Sanders won by a landslide and I caught up with "Berners" and they explained why they are "feeling the Bern."

A total of 78 percent of voters during Western Tuesday's Caucus were feeling the "Bern."  It was less than 24 hours from a speech that Senator Bernie Sanders gave at Taco Bell Arena and his fans were STILL feeling the "Bern."

Voters lined the streets in the thousands breaking records and making their presence felt.  I was watching CNN that night and remember them saying something like, "Yes, that's Idaho!  Yes, it's also a red state.  Today, it looks like they're feeling the Bern."  We broke history with a final number of Caucus members casting over 9,000 votes and over 20,000 statewide.  I crashed lines asking questions and here's what voters had to say.