Shoveling Your Sidewalks Could Save Christmas
Shoveling your driveway makes total sense. You want to be able to get to work safely.

Don't skimp on shoveling the sidewalks as well this holiday season. It could make things a lot easier on some of the Treasure Valley's hardest workers.
U of I Student Designs Starbucks Red Cup
A student at the University of Idaho is one of the only 13 designers of this year's Starbucks red cups. People were freaking out over the fact that the famous red cups may not make an appearance this year.
Snow Storm Clean Up, How’d ACHD Do? [POLL]
When we talked to our listeners yesterday morning, it seemed like road conditions around the Treasure Valley were still less than favorable even though the snow stopped late Friday afternoon.  Now ACHD is going on the offensive, defending the work they did.