Until recently, I've always associated snow with one of two things: Christmas or a failed Texas power grid. The latter is due to the fact that my family and I came from Texas a year ago, so we had to endure the once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm that Texas experienced a few years ago. So naturally, when I first got up to Idaho during the winter season, I was a little nervous as to what I should expect being that Texas was (and is) never prepared for snowfall.

Fast-forward to our second winter in the Gem State and I now find myself feeling enormous excitement to see the snow. My question is though, why is it then that it seems everyone else in Idaho hates the snow? Look - I get it, I didn't have to deal with Idaho's "Snowmageddon" that trounced the Treasure Valley back in 2017... but even then, shouldn't an event like that make everything going forward... easier?

What The Streets Are Saying

Okay, maybe not the streets but as I've taken a stroll through grocery stores in the area, there have been at least two or three conversations I overheard about the snow.

"Ugh... I'm not looking forward to the snow!" one shopper said.

"Great... another 15 minutes tacked onto my commute," said another.

It's not just the aisles of our favorite grocery stores either, you don't have to look far in various comment sections to see that Idahoans are very sour towards Old Man Winter.

"People here can't drive in the snow," read one comment.

"People here drive so SLOW in the snow," another read.

I'll admit that taking the time to clear the snow off of my car in the morning is a bit of an annoying task albeit a small one. Now, waking up a bit earlier knowing that it's snowing outside? I can live with that. Can other people drive in the snow? Maybe not, but at least I know I've been able to handle my own when encountering snow, unplowed roads, and even black ice (scary but doable). Sure, I haven't had to shovel a driveway (we live in a townhome), but is it that bad?

Am I simply "too new" to not be annoyed with the snow yet? Will I ever get sick of snow in Idaho? I can't imagine a time when I would be sick of snow but perhaps my day will come.

Let me know your thoughts here!

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