Before I ever experienced life in Idaho, I lived in a state where snow was a freak of nature, a once-in-a-lifetime event. That state was Texas - you know, the state that made national news because it couldn't keep its power grid on to keep its residents warm a few years ago. The same state that had no plan whatsoever for "snow" and icy conditions?

No kidding, there were shortages of everything including resources to make the roads safe to drive on. Fast-forward to my time here in Idaho and I am absolutely amazed at how prepared the city of Boise is for snowy conditions. I still get made fun of around the office for my continued (and ever-growing) fascination for the Lord's sawdust. The fact that no one around here has to live in fear when it snows a la Texas, makes it that much easier for someone like myself to fall in love with the snow.

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

Do you have to shovel your driveway? Of course you do. Do you have to leave your home a little earlier than normal to get it all off your car? Absolutely. But despite all of the chores that living with snow comes with, there are some amazing things about it that make it tolerable if not the best thing in all of existence.

We asked you, the people of Boise, to fill in the blank of a simple statement:

"The best thing about snow in Boise is _____________."

Of course, the people of the Treasure Valley didn't disappoint. Didn't get to chime in? Let me know your favorite thing about snow in Boise here!

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