After their HGTV pilot aired on Sunday, Luke and Clint from Timber and Love couldn't go anywhere without people walking up and wanting pictures with them! 

And that's really no surprise because close to 1.3 million people watched the pilot episode of HGTV's "Boise Boys" when it premiered on Sunday.  According to the Idaho Statesman, that was good enough to rank it in the Top 25 of all shows on cable that weekend.   Considering the NBA Conference Finals were on TNT, a cable network, that day...being in the Top 25 was a huge achievement.

But is that number enough to convince the big wigs at HGTV to give Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson their own series? Not exactly.  While the network definitely recognizes that 1.3 million is a huge number, they want to do some more testing of the show.  That means it will re-air a few times before a final decision is made.

Right now not even Timber and Love know when those episodes are going to air.  HGTV wants to watch ratings of those re-airs organically so they won't do a lot of promotion for it. The guys do plan on telling Treasure Valley fans through their Instagram account.

If the network does picks it up, they'll shoot it this summer in the Treasure Valley.  Want to know more about the guys? Check out this video to meet Timber and Love, aka Clint and Luke!

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