Fitness clubs, gyms… whatever you want to call them, they’re a place intended to help all of us improve our lifestyles. There are some instances, however, where gyms can become a source of frustration and headaches. Once upon a time before I got into the world radio, I actually sold gym memberships back in Texas. While I tried my utmost to give quality customer service and be transparent about what new members were signing, even I would struggle with the fine print.

If you’re not careful in reading the fine print, you could get sucked into a world of clauses and long-term contracts. If it’s not the contracts that are giving gym-goers headaches, it’s the fellow members or even the staff.

This is the case for the 1-star reviews we found of gyms right here in Boise including a shocking response from a corporate executive of a gym. Let’s dive into the seven 1-star reviews we found on Yelp and Google reviews of Boise-area gyms.

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