In the past, the consensus seemed to be that most Americans needed to do some kind of shopping on Thanksgiving. Perhaps a quick run to the grocery store for an extra jar of gravy, or the hardware store to fix that light in your guest bedroom, or a trip to pickup earplugs so you don't have to listen to your racist uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.

These days, with online shopping being the go-to way to get what we need in a hurry, the tables may have turned on the public's opinion. Now, many folks consider it almost rude if a store forces their employees to work on Thanksgiving. We now celebrate brands that give their staff time to be with family, and we're not seeing too many complaints about stores being closed.

That being said, let's go down the list of shopping locales in Boise that will be closed for Thanksgiving tomorrow:

attachment-Meme Square (10)

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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