While it's certainly not Los Angeles, Idaho is home to many celebrities. Some were born here, some moved here later on. The list of celebs and well-known names who are from the state of Idaho includes Taysom Hill, Aaron Paul, comedian Dan Cummins, Lillian Disney, Leighton Vander Esch, quarterback Jake Plummer, kicker AJ Feely, former Governor Sarah Palin, Bowe Bergdahl, and even Sacajawea is from Idaho!

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Then there's also a long list of celebrities and household names who moved to Idaho later on in life at some point for either a short amount of time or still call it home. Those people include: Bruce Willis, Bill Fagerbakke (love him as the voice of Patrick on Spongebob Squarepants), Ernest Hemmingway, Bill Buckner, and more. Keep your head on a swivel, you never know who you may run into while in Idaho.

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Because you never know who you may run into here, I've put together a list of celebrities who are not from Idaho, but seem like they could be. Celebs that give that blue-collar hard working vibe. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if any of these people were born and raised in Idaho...but they weren't. They all pass the Idaho test. In fact, after you read this. Keep scrolling to my list of celebrities with ties to Idaho that I'm confident I could beat up. I bet you didn't know most of them had ties to Idaho. Ben Stein? Even Harry Styles? Check it out after the list of celebrities who aren't from Idaho but seem like they could be. Let's meet the celebs!

10 Celebrities Who Aren't From Idaho But Seem Like They Could Be

Many celebrities were born in raised in Idaho. Even more call it home now. These celebrities aren't them. This is a list of 10 celebs who aren't from Idaho but seem like they could be.

6 Celebrities With Ties To Idaho I Could Beat In A Fight

There are not a lot of people out there that I could beat in a fight. Actually, I've never even been in a fight. Come to think of it, I've never even been near a fight. However, I have confidence that I could beat these six if push came to shove, for one reason or another. Did I just hear the bell? Let's get to fighting.

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