You have a favorite band or music artist, right? That one group that just speaks directly to you.

Now imagine you find them on tv, radio, or social media encouraging their fans to vote for the candidate they prefer. Would you listen?

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Look Inside Joe Biden's Former Syracuse Home

A lot has happened since the house last sold in 2005 for $68,000. Between the previous occupant becoming Vice-President and then the 46th President over the past 17 years, along with the current housing market, the property is now on the market at a substantial uptick of $334,900.

The house is at 608 and 610 Stinard Avenue, and was originally built in 1925. It’s a two-family duplex with 3,364 square feet of space, plus a two-car garage. The first unit is two bed/two bath. The second unit is roomier with four bedrooms and two baths. The house has lots of original wood paneling, which feels very presidential. Could sleeping here lead to a long and successful political career? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

Photo credit: Eric F Metz II, Independent Realty Group via Zillow.

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

It's definitely happened before, and it's also happening again in 2024. Here's just a small list of artists who've spoken out about who they believe their fans should be voting for:

  • Kid Rock
  • Taylor Swift
  • Green Day
  • Ted Nugent

...and that list goes on and on. Regardless of what political party you align with, or what candidate you plan on voting for (regardless of what race it might be in), you can bet a music artist has the same taste as you, and they're most likely being vocal to their fans about it.

So, would your favorite band or musician be able to swing your vote? Do you believe you could have your mind changed on how you stand politically simply by hearing the thoughts and opinions of one of your music idols?

Before you leave, don't leave thinking this is some left-wing propaganda. Because there are plenty, and we mean plenty of artists who identify as Republican, and some who are also vocal supporters of Donald Trump.

Just like people, when it comes to musicians, they are literally all over the place politically, so it's near impossible to put them all inside one little box.

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