If Netflix hit show 'Selling Sunset' was in Idaho and the agent was wearing a cowboy hat this is the property they would highlight. If you have ever been up near Stanley Idaho I don't even have to tell you how unbelievable and incredible it is. This property is secluded with views and views and views. The décor inside and out is thoughtful, ranch inspired, artistic and detailed. The views though.... wow

Imagine a dream home, well more like a dream ranch oasis. If you love to ski, great news the property is only about a 40 mile drive to Idaho's Sun Valley. Yea, now we're talking. The property has multiple buildings, all decked out and gorgeous! It does come with a hefty $12 million tab, but hey its fun to explore and dream right? Check out these unbelievable photos of the inside, outside and views that this dream-worthy Idaho property have.

Idaho news Channel 2 says the place is "Private, magnificent, 80-acre property where relaxed luxury and sophistication meet Western sensibility. Located in the Stanley Basin, just 40 minutes from world-famous Sun Valley, the ranch includes a stunning, 5,700 square foot main house, three Ralph Lauren-inspired guest cabins, a three-bedroom manager's house, a barn, and more."

You've gotta check out these photos....

Your $12 Million Stanley Ranch Awaits with Unbeatable Views

80-acres of gorgeous with rustic and country flair. The main house is 5,700 square feet and there are guest cabins, a three-bedroom manager's house, a barn, and more. Listing courtesy of Linda Badell and Sun Valley Sotheby's International Realty.   

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