The snow just won't stop in the Treasure Valley and despite the fact that it isn't as brutal as it has been in recent year--road conditions have some schools and school districts on the lookout for safety.

Just announced, a total of 13 Boise-area schools have said that no classes will be held in person.

Here's a look at which schools do not need to be in the classroom but rather, online, on February 12th

13 Boise Area Schools Plan Ahead for Snow

Do you or your kids go to these schools? Here's a reminder that you don't need to be in class tomorrow!

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Do any of these schools impact you and your kids? 

We will continue to update the list if it becomes applicable--but for now, students at these schools don't need to worry about physically being at school on Friday, January 12th.

Officials at Vallivue School District released the following statement to families, explaining their decision.

Unfortunately, tomorrow’s forecast for Friday, January 12, 2024, is ranging from minimal snow to extremely unsafe road conditions. The Idaho Transportation Department recommends staying off roads if possible. Given this unpredictable weather forecast, Vallivue School District will have a Virtual Learning Day for Friday, January 12th.  This decision will prevent families from having to plan childcare at the last hour should a snow day need to be called. It will also allow students to continue working on their education. Finally, it will keep staff and students safe should extreme conditions hit our schools later in the day.
We definitely can appreciate the planning and thought going into the safety and well being of students and families ahead of what is expected to be a hefty snow storm.
Get full details on what students can expect depending on grade, HERE.
Just this week, folks in Nampa were upset that their school district didn't close down schools like Boise decided to do...

Drama Ensues In Nampa Surrounding No Snow Day

It's easy to say that tempers were flaring over the decision to keep schools open today--here's a look:

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We Asked, You Showed Us: Boise's First 2023 Snowfall

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