Drop the name "Cheesasaurus Rex" to any '90s kid and a flood of memories of classic, catchy commercials comes rushing back. 

Cheesasaurus Rex was the lovable face of Kraft's famous blue boxed macaroni and cheese. Almost every kid remembers singing along to the commercials he starred in alongside the Animaniacs, Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Looney Toons and more beloved children's characters. Heck, they even did a special run of A Charlie Brown Christmas shaped noodles in 1997.

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Something about that shaped macaroni and cheese was simply magical, especially when you'd hit a pocket of that bright neon cheese powder that didn't quite dissolve all way. We're not above admitting that although we're childless, we STILL buy Kraft's shaped macaroni and cheese to eat at home. Why? Because no one ever TRULY outgrows a childhood classic like macaroni and cheese.

These 15 Treasure Valley restaurants know that, but their spin on the dish? Well, it's a little more sophisticated that Spongebob Squarepants shaped noodles and most definitely worth trying!

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