Annoying. Beautiful. Frustrating. Those three words could accurately describe the brief any snowstorm that brings traffic to a screeching halt.

Personally, we thought the snowstorm was inspiring because it got our wheels turning. It wasn't that long ago that we found out that some states and municipalities name all of the snowplows in their fleets. Michigan opened up suggestions to the general public and came up with 299 creative names. In Colorado, they opened up the naming contest to students in grades K-12.

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The Ada County Highway District has 44 snowplows that make-up their fleet and after they shared a photo of one in action back in January, we felt compelled to Tweet back to them and ask if any of their plows had names. To our surprise, they actually answered us!

It appears that right now, none of the plows have names but the highway district has been considering holding a naming contest and said to hang on to our brilliant, creative ideas because they may make an announcement soon!

We hope that if and when they do hold the contest some of these names will find their way onto the ballot!

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