Nearly two years into the pandemic, it's hard to believe that we're still walking into grocery stores and seeing empty shelves. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic got closer and closer to Idaho about this time two years ago, we kept hearing the catchy PSA "two weeks to flatten the curve." For some that translated to "panic buy all the toilet paper and bottled water." We'll never understand know why it played out that way, but it was the first time we had seen store shelves that empty when there wasn't an impending snowstorm heading straight for the Treasure Valley.

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Flash forward to the present day and we can say this has been the longest "two weeks" ever. We don't think anyone can accurately predict when the supply chain will right itself after everything it's been through. It's just clear that product shortages are going to be reality for the foreseeable future.

The items that are in short supply are constantly changing, but right now these are some of the items our listeners told us they're having a hard, if not impossible, time finding in the Treasure Valley. Are you noticing the same things at the stores you normally shop at?

15 Popular Grocery Items Are Nearly Impossible to Find Due to Shortages in Boise

After we couldn't find yogurt to grab for breakfast, we polled our listeners to ask what other products they were still having a hard time finding in and around Boise. These are the 15 that recurred over and over again. We decided to take a walk around a Boise Albertsons to see if the shortage is universal and this is what the shelves looked like at the end of February 2022.

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