This may one of those situations where if you can't beat them you join them. The growth in Boise and the Treasure Valley is not stopping. People have figured out the quality of life that's available here and they want in. Can we blame Californians and everyone else who just wants to live better? The real question becomes where do we put all of these people and how do we keep it affordable for the locals. Are high rise condos a possible solution?

Developers have proposed and 18 story residential building in Garden City. According to a ktvb report...

"The Boardwalk Residences, an 18-story, 111-unit condominium building, is part of a more than 712,000-square-foot development plan. The shorter two buildings, 87 and 61 feet, will include another 272 apartments along with commercial space and parking garages. The site is located at 510 E. 41st St." 

Keep in mind that a 9 story hotel has already been approved at this site which is where Veterans Memorial Parkway intersects the Boise River. The developers have now asked for a modification in order to build the third tallest building in the Treasure Valley. If this skyscraper is approved it will be 252 feet tall and the only other buildings that would be taller are, The Zions Bank which is 323 feet tall and The U.S. Bank Plaza would only beat it by 11 feet as it measures 263 feet tall.

Personally I love high rise living and I don't think there is enough of it in Boise especially with the gorgeous views of the foothills. I also believe the shops and restaurants would make Garden City a destination and take the city to another level. What do you think? Should the city approved the project?

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