In a recent off-the-record discussion with a local funeral home, we asked an undertaker for a list of the craziest items the dead have been buried with in Idaho.

And their answer left us stunned.


As it turns out, Idaho's dearly departed can be buried with virtually anything one can imagine. Because of this, there's little if no point at all to maintaining a record or a list.

If you're thinking that's insane for a plethora of reasons—we're right there with you, friend. But okay.

Blown away and feeling a bit defeated (we were sure this was a gold mine topic), we set our sights on whatever low-hanging fruit we could grasp.


Thinking on our feet, we followed up with something we were sure would redeem the interview.

We requested a list of prohibited items Idaho's deceased can't be buried with. This time the undertaker's reply left us surprised and intrigued. Why? Because no such list exists.

In Idaho, our beautiful Gem State and home of the Treasure Valley, the dead can be laid to rest with just about anything under the sun, with the exception of one random thing. To fully appreciate just how strange the exception is, scroll on for a gallery of bizarre items one can aspire to be legally buried with. We'll be gobsmacked if you're not confused or left scratching your head.


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