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It seems like we have a recall on food products each week and I'm not just posting these because I search them out. I'm posting this because I just had a bag of these sausages and you can get them at any gas station.

Over 191,000 pounds of pork sausages have been recalled for product tampering and contamination. I can't believe you're messing with my meat snacks people! 191,928 pounds to be exact.

These meat snacks are the Duke's Meats Corp on various dates between January 16 and March 7, 2019. Here's a quick list of what's being recalled and this is why I hesitate to buy "best by this date" labels.

  • 5-ounce packages of pork sausage products
  • 16-ounce packages of pork sausage products
  • Various "best if used by" dates ranging from January 11, 2020 - March 1, 2020.

Here's a designated list of recalled products

  • 5-oz pouches of "Duke's hickory Peak BBQ Smoked Shorty Sausages."
  • 5-oz plastic pouches of "Duke's Hot & Spicy Smoked Shorty Sausages."
  • 16-oz. plastic pouches of "Duke's Original Recipe Smoke Shorty Sausages"
  • 5-oz. plastic pouches of "Duke's Cajun Style Andouille Smoked Shorty Sausages."

That's just a few packages that have been recalled. Contact your health provider if you have any further questions. This isn't the only recall. Butterball was tagged last week recalling 39 tons of raw ground turkey products. OUCH! I'll provide links below and you can get full in depth of recalled products by visiting the official recall site below.

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