A lot of Californian's are moving into the Treasure Valley, these days.  According to the 2016 American Community Survey, over 17,000 people have left Cali for Idaho and the majority of those moving to the Treasure Valley.

A lot of "natives" are angry about the influx of Californian's, who are contributing to more traffic, but also a lot of social and lifestyle changes, especially in Boise.  We've all seen those nasty stickers on cars..."Keep Idaho Beautiful... Go Back To California" etc. There may soon be another reason to leave Cali and head to Gem state.

No more vanity license plates!

From the latmag.com story, the DMV in Cali has to go through hundreds of thousands of request a year, to make sure nothing offensive makes it onto a plate.  We've all been to the DMV, they aren't the happiest people in the world.

What are some of the plates that have been rejected?


According to the person who applied-It was to remember him and his girlfriends anniversary.

But the DMV rejected it, because, BAE is poop in Danish



According to the person who applied-She's a Nurse Anesthetist

But the DMV rejected it, because it's referring to farting lol


So many more to check out in the story HERE

I'm sure we can only expect more Cali peeps to move into the Treasure Valley in 2019!


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